Because you are here,  it tells me something about you.  You are interested in learning more about yourself and engaging in personal growth and development.  You are committed to move through challenges to reach your rewarding goals!

We live in a time of intense change…many old traumas are coming to the surface. In these times of transition, we seek answers, security, clarity and safety. We also seek wisdom, guidance, love and courage.  You are here on purpose…It is my goal to help you reach your full potential. You were made for such a time as this!

What I don’t do as a coach:

  • Do your work for you

  • Judge you

  • Give you legal or financial advice

  • Support you in staying stuck

What I do as a coach:​

  • Listen openly and actively

  • Provide support, encouragement, guidance & inspiration​

  • Help you eliminate the road blocks that are holding you back​

  • Ask powerful questions to help you gain clarity​

  • Provide structure and accountability​

  • Trust you to make your own decisions​

  • Reflect/Mirror back to you​

  • Offer a different perspective​

What I ask from you as a client:

  • Show up physically and mentally for each session & do the work​

  • Be open to new ideas

  • Let me know if something isn’t working for you​